International Extremity Project (IEP)

In December 2012, Dr. Bruce Lehnert, SOAR foot and ankle surgeon, will be making his eighth humanitarian trip to Vietnam. Dr. Lehnert is Co-Founder and Medical Director of International Extremity Project (IEP). The goal of IEP is to supply medical and rehabilitative therapy assistance to the people of Vietnam. On this two week medical mission Dr. Lehnert will lead a team of volunteer US medical professionals: four surgeons, two residents, two nurses and two physical therapists.

Joining Dr. Lehnert on this mission trip is Dr. Jonah Mullens, SOAR foot and ankle surgeon. This will be Dr. Mullens fifth trip with International Extremity Project. Both physician will perform surgeries and provide training in modern Western surgery and therapy techniques. For more information and trip updates go to –