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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to SOAR and to thank you for choosing our medical practice. Our expertise is helping patients suffering from bone and muscle conditions or injuries find relief. We look forward to meeting you and to providing exceptional care!

Make an appointment

Appointments can be made Monday through Friday beginning at 8:00 AM by calling (650) 851-4900.

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Print and Complete Your Forms

Please download and fill out our New Patient Information Packet before your first visit with us. Click the link below.Please remember to bring your insurance card and photo identification, and arrive 20 minutes early in order to complete any additional paperwork before seeing your physician. Please present your completed forms to the receptionist upon your arrival.

New Patient PacketNew Patient Information Packet

Get Directions

Visit our Locations page and get personalized driving directions to the office where your appointment is scheduled.

Your physician is an expert on medical care. You are the expert on yourself! The more we know about your condition and symptoms, the better care we can provide. Often, there can be more than one option for diagnosing and treating a condition. By acting as a partner with your doctor, you can help choose the option that best fits your values, beliefs and lifestyle! Many people achieve more satisfaction with their healthcare if they can share the responsibility with their health professionals. this can make you feel more confident about carrying out the treatment you have chosen.

Please review the following information to prepare for your visit. Keeping in mind, being prepared for your visit will help you get the most out of your appointment:

What To Bring:

Please complete the forms appropriate for the doctor you will be seeing prior to your arrival at the office, if at all possible. If you have been evaluated previously for this or any related condition, please bring all materials with you:

  • Medical records including surgery notes if applicable
  • X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, nerve studies
  • List of medications that you currently take and any medical problems you may have

What To Consider:

Also you can help your doctor diagnose and treat your condition by being prepared to answer the following questions:

  • What are your main symptoms?
  • How long have you had your symptoms?
  • What were you doing when your symptoms started?
  • Have you had this problem in the past?
  • What was the diagnosis?
  • How was it treated?
  • How and when did an injury occur? How was it treated?
  • Have you had any injuries in the past to the same area? Do you have any continuing problems because of the previous injury?
  • Have you ever had surgery in that area?
  • What activities related to sports, work or your lifestyle make your symptoms better or worse?
  • Do you think that activities related to your job or hobbies caused your symptoms?
  • What home treatment measures have you tried? Did they help?
  • What nonprescription medicines have you taken? Did they help?

Late Arrivals / Cancellations

Please arrive for your scheduled appointment on time. we recommend that new patients arrive 20 minutes early to fill out any necessary paperwork. Patients who arrive more than 15 minutes after their scheduled time may need to be rescheduled. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please call us at least 24 hours in advance so we may use those times for other patients.

Renewing your Prescription

Many prescriptions can be renewed by calling your pharmacy. We process prescriptions Monday thru Friday, 8:00AM – 5:00PM. Please plan ahead and allow 1 business day for us to process your request. The physician on call will not refill medications after hours or on weekends.

Obtaining Test or Imaging Results

If you have not heard from this office after obtaining outside diagnostic tests, please contact this office within 3 to 5 business days of the exam to make a follow up appointment so that the doctor may discuss the results with you in person.

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General Billing Information

We are here to help you understand your bill. If you have questions or concerns regarding your bill please email us at However, please understand we can only help to explain bills after your insurance company or health plan has taken action. IF your insurance company or health plan has not already taken action on your claim, you should call them before emailing the SOAR Billing Department. Please understand that billing for surgery can be especially complex.

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