Dr. Lehnert Heads to Namibia in South West Africa

Dr. Bruce Lehnert, SOAR team member and medical director of the International Extremity Project (IEP) is finishing up his first of two planned medical missions. On June 8, 2012, Dr. Lehnert left for a medical mission in Namibia, South West Africa, taking an elite group of U.S. and foreign physicians. While there, Dr. Lehnert operated on 18 children and young adults with complex foot and ankle deformities. Now these patients will enjoy normal foot function and be able to start a new life.  In addition, Dr. Lehnert’s Nambia medical mission was reported in every local newspaper and he was invited to appear on three television spots, including Good Morning Namibia. The First Lady of Namibia invited Dr. Lehnert’s team for a conference at the State House.  Dr. Lehnert has blogged about his IEP experience at www.extremityproject.com

Looking ahead to January 2013, Dr. Lehnert will take the International Extremity Project to the Mekong Delta in Vietnam for his eighth medical mission since 1998. Dr. Lehnert and his team have performed over 275 deformity corrections to date, including neglected clubfoot, post-traumatic conditions and congenital malformations. This upcoming mission will include a venue shift from Can Tho General Hospital to Can Tho University Hospital. This change of venue will also incorporate more educational opportunities for the local Vietnamese doctors and medical students.

Dr. Lehnert runs these missions on a grassroots level and without any paid employees. Volunteer nurses, doctors, residents, students and translators make these projects possible. Medical device partners donate much needed equipment. If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation through the SOAR Foundation for Research and Education, please contact Dr. Lehnert at 650 995 1291.