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Our multidisciplinary approach results in superior patient outcomes.

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Regardless of your sport or level of play, our practice will keep you living the active lifestyle you enjoy.

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Board-certified rheumatologists provide expert care for patients with fatigue, joint pain, and inflammation.

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SOAR physicians have been on the sidelines of some of San Francisco’s greatest victories, from the Super Bowls in the 80’s and 90’s, to the World Series in 2010.

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Our state-of-the-art surgical center focuses on low infection and complication rates, superior surgical results, and an outstanding patient experience.

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We are a full-service musculoskeletal clinic and treat patients suffering from muscle, bone, or ligament pain or injury in any body part. Learn more about common conditions and treatments.

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We can usually see you within 1 business day! Call 650.851.4900.

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Practice News

Dr. Akizuki & Dr. Oloff in the News

In late September, Matt Cain starting pitcher for the San Francisco Giants had his ankle operated on by Dr. Ken Akizuki, the team’s head orthopedist, and Dr. Larry Oloff, team podiatrist, both SOAR Medical physicians in San Francisco. To read all the details go to: and    

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Sequoia Hospital in the News

Sequoia Hospital, a SOAR Medical healthcare partner, has received the 2014 Patient Safety Excellence Award™…
Consumer Reports has also listed Sequoia Hospital as among the top 15 Hospitals Nationwide for Heart Surgery…

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SOAR Seeing Patients in Soquel

We are proud to announce an additional office location for Dr. George Thabit, III. He will be seeing patients in Soquel at 5161 Soquel Drive, Suite B on Friday’s. Soquel office hours are 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Please call the office to schedule an appointment – 408-556-8414.

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Drs. Lehnert and Mullens – Journal of Anesthesia

Dr. Lehnert and Dr. Mullens have a new scientific publication pending publishing in the Journal of Anesthesia. The absrtact can be found at: pubmed/24789659

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Though no longer affiliated, Soar Medical is quite proud of our previous partnership with the San Fransisco 49ers. It is well known that professional and college athletes demand the highest level of orthopedic care - their sport is their passion. We feel it is a testament to our practice that the Giants' organization trusts us with their athletes' orthopedic care.However, while it is exciting to treat high-profile athletes, we are committed to providing the same level of care to all of our patients.

Who We Are

At Sports Orthopedic and Rehabilitation (SOAR), we specialize in sports medicine, orthopedic surgery, rehabilitative medicine and rheumatology. Our team of physicians is comprised of fellowship trained, board-certified specialists in orthopedics, rheumatology, and internal medicine and each patient benefits from our team approach.

What We Do

Our surgeons are skilled in arthroscopy, ligament reconstruction, hand and micro surgery, total joint replacement, fractures, foot surgery, and pediatric and adolescent sports medicine. Our rheumatologists treat conditions including osteoarthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, gout, arthritis, lupus, and myositis.